I know many hypnotherapists around the world, some of whom prefer to give a structured, multi-session form of consultation. Others prefer to offer a one-off solution, where the client only needs to see them once, with a possible phone-call as a follow up.

Which of these is best for the client?

Well – as I see it – BOTH are!

It all depends on the client, not the hypnotherapist!

If the client is someone who wants to feel as though there is an ongoing support system in place, and they can return to their therapist to talk things over, then that is obviously the best approach for them.

On the other hand, if the client is someone who wants the minimal level of disruption to their everyday life to achieve the change, then the one-off session is ideal for them.

Remember, as hypnotherapists we are dealing with the belief systems of the clients. If we spend our time working on their belief that they need one approach over the other to suit our own methods, then we are increasing the time the client needs to see us unnecessarily.

I often teach the old maxim “If your only tool is a hammer, then every problem looks like a nail”.

It’s not a problem if you happen to be very good at a single approach to therapy, just remember this when speaking to your client, and my advice is to interview your prospective clients before you take them on. That way you will not only give the best possible service to the clients you select, you will also find that your results become far more consistent.

Consistent results will benefit both you and your clients.

If you have a selection of approaches to work from, then your client interview will give you an idea of which approach is best to use. You can then let your client have a fair idea of how many sessions they should expect from you. Even if that is an open-ended estimate, depending on how long they want the support.

Rather than passing a potential client to someone else, perhaps it’s time to look for another tool for your toolbox?